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Welcome to cattery of Neva Masquerade and siberian cats LOVE OF PRAGUE * CZ.

Cattery of neva masquerade and siberian cats ''Love of Prague*CZ'' is registered under FIFE since january 2013.


Substantial part of my life was my companion cat. I used to have a regular europian black tom cat. In 2010 I've discovered the breed of Neva Masquerade - Beautiful blue eyed cats, and I've fallen in love with them on the first sight. It was a coincidence that it was Ezra de Lourdes, beautiful 3 months old kitten. I had an opportunity to see her at an exhibition in Prague,where I've decided to take care of her. She had moved to to my flat in Prague and since then she is a full pledged and loved member of our family.


2 years later,on a witch day during noon 30.4.2012 Ezra had her first kittens.  Boy Hagrid, and girls Hermiona and Hedvika Tesi, below the patronage of Hanka Kadlecová - CHS De Lourdes. Hagrid stayed home and the girls are pets in loving families, where they enjoy full attention of their new family


Since 5.1.2013 was registered under FIFE it has its own CHS "Love of Prague*CZ.


Couple of days after, 18.1.2013 our cat Ezra gave birth to 4 kittens - 3 boys (Silvester,Saturnin and Santini)  and a small girl Saphira.


Ezra at the current time is no longer a mother, but she is only a pet, she is castrated and she is just overseeing whole family from a position of a calm mother .


My original plans were to increase this breeding group, but I had decided to start over with a group of cats of a same age: 3 - 4 girls + 1 boy.


PLans for their first ''connection'' is after they reach adulthood = 12 months  and if the nature allows we could have first kittens by end of summer/start of autumn 2014...


Cats are and always will be parts of our family. They share our lives, space and beds.... They have whole year acces to our flowery garden.


Our cats and their life in our Flowery garden :)


All our cats are and will be tested (with negative results) and are vaccinated against FeLV,FiV, Cats that are breeding are tested for PKD,HCM - sonographically, all with negative results.


Priority for me is breeding of cats that are healthy,have good temperament and are beautiful after their tested parents,which will bring happiness to the life, that is not only ours, but also yours.

To carefully chosen new homes, the kittens will leave only under the condition that they will go out under supervision. Kittens are leaving me at the earliest age of 13 weeks,with certificate of origin (FIFE),the purchase contract, 2x vaccinated,dewormed,with a microchip and vaccination passport and basic equipment ( Food that the kitten is used to,litter,tin with food and a toy) for the first couple of days in a new home, and to make the transfer easier... and a CD with photos of a kitten since the day of birth. Kittens that are leaving my care as a pets are always castrated. Following breeding servis is obvious.